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Auditing, Tax Consulting


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BDO Austria GmbH was founded over 50 years ago and is currently one of the largest and most renowned tax consulting and auditing companies in Austria. The company is a member of the global BDO network which has more than 91.000 employees in 167 different countries.

The professional competencies of BDO Austria expands beyond auditing, tax advice, risk and compliance. The Austrian company also help customers boost efficiency and work fluidity by digitizing their processes. In the context of digitalization, BDO Austria relies on technologies such as Process Mining, Process Management solutions, Workflow Automation and Robotic Process Automation as part of the company’s data-driven process management.


The Partner Fit

The combination of FireStart’s iBPM Suite with BDO’s extensive know-how and experience in the area of Process Management and Process Mining, presents clients with trusted expertise backed by synergy.

BDO and FireStart share a holistic view on Process Management. From efficiency in Process Management and Intelligent Workflow Automation, to the importance of integration and Process Mining.

The Benefits


The synergies that arise from the partnership of BDO Austria with FireStart benefits end-users in numerous ways, including enhanced service line and solution portfolio, as well as a better customer support in the full Process Management area. This collaboration also sets the base for further establishments of data-driven process management for customers, especially through the integration of Process Management and Process Mining. 

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