KanBo offers collaboration, project management and task management in a single solution. With KanBo, users are provided with central access to all information concerning their daily tasks.

Real-Time Workmanagement and Collaboration

Inspired by the Kanban principle, KanBo is a web application for digital task management. This user-friendly platform for collaboration, project and task management is completely integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem and the Microsoft 365 suite.

KanBo was designed with the aim of providing users with visual and real-time access to their tasks together with additional information. The application’s structure consists of Kanban boards and cards that contain relevant information for daily task management. This gives users a solid overview of their personal tasks, as well as showing them the relevant stakeholders and providing contextual information.


In this way, KanBo cards can contain information from different systems, are always up-to-date and above all, are self-explanatory: they include features for live chat, information storage, responsible persons and lists, as well as the option to set a status. This makes it easy for the user to capture the context of a task as soon as they have opened the card. Users also have the option to define different boards and display the information at various levels of abstraction in KanBo. The tool uses a “pull” information strategy: in this way, users are shown the most important information without being overloaded with unnecessary tasks.

As part of the Microsoft ecosystem, KanBo is completely integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite, Azure and Microsoft Teams. Together with FireStart, KanBo facilitates collaborative process and workflow management. FireStart acts as a connective level between KanBo and various third-party systems, such as SharePoint.

The partnership between FireStart and KanBo opens up new opportunities for collaboration and end-to-end processes, which are coordinated with FireStart Workflows. The combination of both tools supports the user-based side of process management and allows for a new kind of efficiency due to the flexibility offered by FireStart and KanBo.

We already did a webcast with KanBo on Collaborative Process and Worfklow Management:

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Real-time Work Management

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