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Legal & Consulting Services


Audit – Tax – Advisory – Law


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KPMG Austria is a professional services firm providing Audit, Tax, Advisory and Law services. In Austria, KPMG employs more than 1,750 employees and has 8 offices located across the country. They have a strong regional presence, with more than 90 partners that help clients to reach their corporate objectives.

KPMG Austria works closely with its clients to target their processes holistically. They assist clients in optimizing the entire process ecosystem, from modeling to end-to-end automation, in combination with state-of-the-art robotics.


The Partner Fit

Both KPMG Austria and FireStart have a shared passion for helping customers reach their business workflow goals. KPMG Austria provides an expert business perspective at the intersection of business and technology, while FireStart provides the tactical knowledge to help customers digitally transform. The end goal is a shared vision for end-to-end process automation.

The Benefits


A holistic approach greatly benefits customers that want to transform digitally. KPMG Austria focuses on process consulting, assisting customers in pinpointing a customized, ideal process strategy. FireStart then provides joint customers with the tools for continuous transformation and process improvement.

In the future, KPMG Austria and FireStart hope to transform the digital landscape of corporate clients, leading a new generation of business process automation.

At KPMG, we are excited about the orchestration possibilities that will help our customers to refine and improve their processes. FireStart and KPMG will greatly help their customers to become faster and more efficient by implementing and sustaining their new automated processes.

Klaus Schatz - Partner of KPMG Advisory

Klaus Schatz

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