MatchPoint provides the user with a digital enterprise platform in a SharePoint environment. The collaborative platform combines communication, collaboration and social intranet into a single solution.

The Digital Workplace Meets Enterprise Collaboration

FireStart is delighted to be embarking on a technology partnership with MatchPoint beginning in November 2017. MatchPoint provides users with a platform for digital communication and collaboration in the SharePoint and Office 365 environments.

Users can work in the familiar MatchPoint environment, benefiting from the platform’s highly user-friendly characteristics. They are kept up-to-date with relevant information, activities and projects through a personalized portal. Views showing colleagues’ connections and content furthermore improve transparency in the enterprise. Intelligent search and filter functions provide overviews even for large businesses who have a lot of content.


The partnership between Prologics and MatchPoint is founded on a philosophy of productivity through simple applications in the SharePoint and Office 365 environments. The integration of FireStart and MatchPoint supports users in the digital transformation, combining process planning and workflows with a digital collaboration platform. As a result, business processes can be supported directly from the intranet and new productivity applications can be evolved rapidly by developers.

This in turn means that we can offer additional advantages in the fields of information and process management, process-specific workspaces, improved support for multilingual workflows and forms, improved options for aggregation and role-based targeting of process-relevant information.

Our vision is about making collaborative processes more agile by offering greater flexibility than traditional workflow tools. Integrating MatchPoint and FireStart is an exciting way to achieve this.

Patrick Püntener, CEO CYCL



Basel, Switzerland

Digital Workplace


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