PointPro Solutions
PointPro Solutions GmbH tailors its focus to customers and their needs, allowing them to develop user-friendly and qualitative concepts for their customer's IT landscape based on Microsoft SharePoint.

The Solution for Your Intranet

If your intranet is driving you insane, then PointPro Solutions is the right point of contact for you. The company specializes in IT solutions with Microsoft SharePoint and helps its customers on their path to better and quicker collaboration. PointPro Solution achieves premium quality by precisely tailoring the solution to the customer’s individual needs.

PointPro Solutions’ goal is to “make your intranet your ally”. PointPro provides a solution for any company that regards the internet as a curse rather than a blessing, and that lacks the ability to assume responsibility for IT themselves.

The team around founder Jan Boltz has tasked itself with being a reliable partner that assists companies in introducing IT Microsoft SharePoint-based IT solutions. In so doing, the customer and his needs always take center stage, based on which a qualitative solution is developed.

Thanks to personalized assistance from PointPro Solutions, your daily work routine and that of your employees will be easier and more efficient. Structured and transparent processes and projects, combined with obtaining valuable knowledge in the company, prepare your company for your future.

Just like PointPro Solutions, FireStart tailors itself to the needs of customers and seamlessly integrates itself into the existing infrastructure. This circumstance, coupled with the excellent integration of Microsoft SharePoint and the user interface’s Microsoft look and feel, makes FireStart an ideal partner.

Jan Boltz, PointPro Solutions GmbH

PointPro Solutions GmbH

Dachau, Germany

IT-Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint

Fields of application

  • Project management
  • Collaboration
  • Network
  • Content management


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