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Proservartner is an international consulting company headquartered in London. For over a decade, Proservartner has been optimizing process centricity and technology enablement to create a happier, more productive workforce for tomorrow.

Proservartner’s team comprises experienced developers and process experts who can implement and advise on the whole process automation journey. The Hyperautomation practice of Proservartner has already helped numerous organizations understand how to best leverage Business Process Management, Process Mining, RPA, Intelligent OCR, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


The Partner Fit

By sharing the same passion for process automation and optimization, Proservartner and FireStart show a very strong strategic partner fit. Just like FireStart, Proservartner puts the customer happiness first and aims to create cost efficiencies and deliver competitive advantage to the end-users.

This collaboration will allow Proservartner to leverage FireStart’s enhanced Process Modelling, Process Automation and Process Intelligence. By doing so, Proservartner will be able to expand its footprint on delivering operational efficiencies through automation, shared services, outsourcing models, as well as through improved processes, systems and data quality.

The Benefits


The synergies of this partnership will be translated in diverse benefits for our joint customers, such as improved capabilities, expanded services and client portfolio. Joining forces with Proservartner will bring greater value to many organizations across Europe, the UK and North America in the areas of Process Transformation and Hyperautomation. We are fully convinced of the success of this partnership and are looking forward to our future collaboration.

FireStart fits perfectly into our Hyperautomation ecosystem, and with 33 new project wins in the last quarter, we certainly see a demand for business leaders to drive more process transformation and automation to improve quality and cost efficiency.

Rakesh Sangani - Founder and Chief Executive of Proservartner

52 Grosvenor Gardens, Victoria, London SW1W 0AU

+44 (0)1928583494