sermocore and their self-developed sermocore platform are using our FireStart BPM Suite to realize smart financial accounting processes to reduce complexity of your daily work by automation.

Smart Accounting Processes With FireStart and the Sermocore Platform

Even though an increasing degree of digitalization, a lot of processes in the financial accounting are done by hand and paper. A lot of those could be easily digitalized by using the sermocore platform and the FireStart BPM Suite – from electronic invoicing to electronic expense reports. The sermocore platform enables centralisation, automation and structuring of business processes. Furthermore the high flexibility of the system allows to sort single steps in different orders and to use single steps in different workflows in different positions.

For a perfect data transformation between different data formats we make use of our cooperation with the sermocore platform. With the use of it, we are able to create user friendly workflows with FireStart that can handle all data formats of the different accounting back-office systems.

Sermocore Platform Speaks All Languages

The biggest advantage of the sermocore platform is the high range of supported file formats which can be transformed into any format you wish by the completely automated converter. Therefore it is possible to convert any format to the specific format your ERP or accounting system works with. The scope of supported transmission paths ranges from FTP, including FTPs, SFTP and OFTP2 via http(s), Webdav, AS2 to X400. Furthermore the websevices (SOAP, REST) and E-Mail are supported. On top there is an installable sermocore client (an installable Windows service with “hot folder” functions).

Affordable Solution Especially for SME

The sermocore platform is an affordable solution for SME. Furthermore the platform is able to solve complex problems within the business IT infrastructure. This includes especially problems that manifest by the usage of multiple incompatible software products within the company. The efficient use of the sermocore platform allows you to save a lot of money by avoiding the incompatibilities mentioned before.

Integrated at the Final Customer or Hosted

You can make use of the sermocore platform in different ways. If you wish to, you can provide the needed hardware and host the solutions in your own datacentre. In this case sermocore is happy to train your employees. There is also the possibility that a sermocore distributor or sermocore itself host your sermocore platform.

As a specialist for digital data transmission and output management the cooperation of sermocore and FireStart enables us to address customers that are able to well-structure internal processes. For us it is important to be a competent partner for the multiple and individual challenges that come along with the different data flows within a company. Even complex requirements could be solved with a minimum effort and highest reliability.

DI (FH) Andreas Köfler, CEO sermocore

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