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Our partner Software Quality Lab set up SPRINT on the basis of the FireStart BPM Suite and offers a fundamentally new approach for an integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) with it.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) - Something Different

Software Quality Lab is a leading, independent consulting and service company for software quality management and testing, specialized in increasing efficiency, quality and security in system and software development as well as in IT processes. By being a partner of FireStart, a new product called “SPRINT” (Software PRocess INTegration) has been developed, which offers software enterprises a fundamentally new approach for an integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), based on FireStart technology.

End-to-End Development Process for Software Organizations

The SPRINT framework combines software development tools in an innovative way. Due to the integrated workflow engine, development processes can be displayed, automated and monitored. User authentication data is securely transferred and is stored in the SPRINT database in the course of data transfer. The aim of the project is to develop and implement a continuously automated, flexible and efficient end-to-end development process for software organizations.


Central Workflow-System

A major difference to traditional integration approaches is that the focus is not on the common data and their preferably comprehensive integration as this is often intended by common Application Lifecycle solutions. The missing parts of the existing process are added via a controlled workflow system and combined to a comprehensive process flow. By the integration of tools, processes and automatic data transfer without media intrusion a coherently tool landscape is created. Easy modeling and reusable processes when the system changes are achieved by extracting the process intelligence in a central workflow system.

This concept is so substantially different from the approach, which is generally proposed by well-known ALM producers. The targeting strategy of this project can also be applied to existing tools, processes and databases. Existing tool and process surroundings may be retained if necessary and a step-by-step implementation instead of a total big bang reorganization is possible.

The Following Benefits Will be Achieved by SPRINT:

  • The observance of processes is supported
    Users are “guided” through the processes, no tasks or information are forgotten.
  • Tasks are automated
    As a result of automatic reminders and triggers, hold and idle times of employees are dramatically reduced.
  • The process efficiency is improved
    Delays can be minimized.
  • Active process documentation
    The documentation coincides with the active processes.
  • Processes become end-to-end visible and controllable
    The processes are integrated even over tool boundaries, from the first customer inquiry to the delivery of the new software package. Indicators enable measurement and control of the processes.

SPRINT implicates efficiency and sustainability in your software organization. Our customers have made huge investments in their tool environment to support the software development, so from the economical view, a replacement of existing tools is not always a reasonable option. SPRINT offers our customers a revolutionary approach, which integrates future systems according the best of breed approach in development processes. This protects existing investments, without closing the door for newer systems and methods, which increases the efficiency and competitiveness on the long term.

Johannes Bergsmann, CEO Software Quality Lab

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