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Orchestrate Your Processes

Bring harmony to your process ecosystem with intelligent automation.
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Tune Your Processes to Perfection

Automate your entire process ecosystem with our intelligent end-to-end low-code platform.

Central Process Repository​​

Store all process maps and models within the central repository. Empower users to connect the dots to create a single source of truth.



Low Code Workflow Configuration

Empower every citizen developer with low code robot building options. Customize robots for specific functions in the easy and visual builder. 


Visual Process Mapping​

Map and model advanced processes in a visual, user-friendly format. Increase collaboration by allowing multiple users to work together in one place.


Pre-Built Activity Sets

Use pre-built activity sets to get started with automation quicker. Automate specific processes in seconds throughout the process ecosystem.

RPA Integration

Trigger RPA robots in workflows and deploy them throughout your process ecosystem to tackle a variety of tedious tasks in one centralized iBPMS hub. 

AI and OCR Integration

Integrate AI and OCR services in workflows to empower human understanding with computer intelligence, improving process performance in no time at all. 

Process Management

Maintain governance over every little detail of your process workflow in one centralized hub. 

Build advanced process maps and model workflows with BPMN 2.0 standard, all with our drag and drop process designer. Easily govern complex workflows with our simple overview to make sure you never miss a detail. 

FireStart Process Management Process Maps

Process Automation

Manage multiple software bots and automations all in one place. 

Make your processes run automatically and delegate tasks to software robots with our drag and drop form designer. Manage all your process automation workflows within one business entity manager to avoid confusion. 

Process Intelligence

Innovate your workflows for process excellent based on real-time data. 

Review process performance, generate customized reports for accurate KPIs, and track automation success all within our detailed dashboard. Identify process strengths and weaknesses to eliminate process bottlenecks with business process intelligence. 


Work with Smart Integrations


Save time and effort

Streamline and optimize processes to uncover crucial insights and save time, resources and margins on your bottom line.

Increase company efficiency

Improve ROI and time to value by using resources effectively, getting more done in less time.

Empower employees

Reduce mundane tasks, support growth, and ensure rising trajectory by giving employees more resources to focus on what matters most.

Ensure compliance

Utilize technology for intuitive reporting, to meet the demands of increasing compliance scope.

Scale easily

Grow and expand your company to ensure efficient, error-free work, strategize better than ever before, and make an impact.

Improve customer experience

Free up your teams to spend delivering extra service to customers with standardized, optimized processes.

Request a free, customized demo to automate your workflow ecosystem.