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Process Intelligence

Leverage intelligent data-driven insights to improve processes end-to-end.
Process Intelligence

Utilize Intelligent Analytics for Process Efficiency

Enhance Decision Making

Turn volumes of data into manageable insights. Streamline data to evaluate favorable decisions and implement best practices. 

Improve Data Quality

Optimize data quality interpretation in a fraction of the time. Simplify data analysis and start implementing improved processes with data-driven accuracy. 

Gather Valuable Insights

Discover the reality of processes to save time and cost. Consistently capture an accurate real-world process overview with accurate, real-time data. 

Achieve Rapid ROI

Accelerate time to value with simplified process reporting. Gather a clear picture of future savings with the cost matrix analysis to enhance the bottom line. 

Eliminate Stalling

Identify ineffective processes by monitoring process patterns. Pinpoint bottlenecks to prevent process stalling and reduce expensive setbacks. 

100% Process Transparency

Achieve unrivaled process transparency across the entire process ecosystem to reveal how processing are running in real-time. Pinpoint exact inefficiencies without losing time and adding additional cost. 

Process Intelligence Capabilities

Real-Time Customized Reporting

Generate customized reports with personalized data to innovate processes and increase transparency throughout all workflow decisions. Improve overall end-to-end processes by unlocking accurate process insights. 

Cost Matrix Analysis

Plan and visualize costs over time to better allocate resources and reduce cycle times. Pinpoint areas to improve efficiency and optimize cost potential. 

Process Mining Integration

Connect third party BI or Process Mining platform to improve business processes. Collect relevant information like user clicks, application actions and process run times to analyze user patterns and behavior. 

AI and OCR Integration

Integrate AI and OCR services throughout workflows to empower human understanding with computer intelligence. Utilize advanced business analytics to improve process performance in no time at all. 

Visual Dashboards

Arrange reports in customized dashboards to deliver a quick, visual overview. Create multiple dashboards to share with several stakeholders to improve transparency and speed up process cycle times. 

Track Automations

Monitor automated tasks and discover the percentage split of human and robot tasks. Learn where to improve processes and track current automated process improvements to reduce overall workload and cost. 

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What's next?

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