Process Intelligence

Turn process data into insights and create lasting process intelligence.

Process Intelligence

Collecting and analyzing process data will help you to create transparency, remove blocking points and improve the overall efficiency of your organization. See how well your process is performing in real time and analyse process costs and cycle time with ease.

Seeing and understanding the friction points on why a process gets stuck will help you tune data into vital insights and valuable intelligence over time.


Feature Highlights


Reporting and Dashboards

Generate customized reports and personalized dashboards to visualize KPIs and gather business process insights and unlock performance improvements.


Cost Matrix Analysis

Plan and visualize costs, resources and cycle times in your process models and quickly spot potential areas for efficiency improvement and cost optimization potential.


Advanced Task Routing

Implement dynamic task routing and escalation management routines that covers your workflow when things go wrong to keep your processes up and running.

BI / Process Mining Integration

Connect your third party BI or Process Mining platform with FireStart and further improve for business process excellence. 


Event / Workflow Activity SDK

Build your own workflow activities, trigger events and configuration wizards with our activity software development kid and templates.

AI and OCR Integration

Integrate AI and OCR services in your workflow designed to make  your end-to-end solutions smart, predictable and resilient.

Popular Use Cases

With an automated purchase to pay process, your payments are received more quickly, allowing accurate cash flow prediction and spend analytics. Store all of your data in a central hub: the FireStart Platform.
The phase out is a crucial product process often poorly treated by the product owner. With FireStart you can monitor your portfolio and control phase out of less attractive offerings to maximize your outcome.
With an automated procurement process from FireStart you can maximize efficiency and resources and also improve flexibility in your procurement management.

What's next?

Manage your processes. First step of Process Management: Think about your processes. What is the goal? Who is involved? What is efficient?

You can map and model your processes with FireStart.

After managing your processes, a new world or process automation awaits! Connect your backbone systems to you processes to make them more efficient.

Let’s automate your processes!