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Process Management

Manage your processes end-to-end to increase governance and drive success.
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Manage Complex Enterprise Processes

Simplify Workflow Design

Empower employees to visually outline processes, and store them in the repository for later improvement, backed by data. 

Enhance Accessibility with Low Code

Easily design processes with the drag and drop process designer to enable every citizen developer. 

Centralize Management

Integration with multiple trusted technologies like SAP, Microsoft 365, SalesForce and Microsoft Teams reduces process chaos with an organized, central repository. 

Maintain Governance

Keep a simplified overview of all running processes for monitoring, optimization and management in the dashboard on the process portal. 

Collaborate Enterprise Wide

Breakdown silos and increase user engagement in business processes for enhanced collaboration. 

Decrease Costs and Increase Efficiency

Grow and scale in record time with BPMN 2.0 standard by improving organizational agility. 

Process Management Capabilities

Visual Process Modeling and Mapping

Map and model advanced processes in a visual, user-friendly format. Increase collaboration between departments by allowing multiple users to work together on the same diagrams. 

Central Process Repository

Store all process maps and models within the central repository. Empower your process owners and managers to connect the dots between all organizational units and create a single source of truth. 

BPMN 2.0 Flow Chart

Build easy-to-follow business process model flowcharts. Gain a better understanding of the process overview between various stakeholders and close the gap between process management and implementation.  

Drag-and-Drop Customization

Design processes from scratch without coding using the drag-and-drop function. Build processes faster than ever before with the intuitive builder, simplifying process design and execution. 

Responsive Process Portal

Manage all running processes and maintain process governance with the process portal dashboard. Enhance visibility, save time, and better understand key performance indicators.

Multi Language Support

Move beyond boundaries and cross-cultural borders. Translate and publish your process models and artifacts in over 50+ languages with auto translate functionality and translation tables. 


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What's next?

Implement process workflows with automation to make processes more efficient and reduce lifecycle time. Connect all your automations within one centralized hub to better manage, execute and improve organizational efficiency. 

Monitor and analyze process workflows by leveraging data-backed insights. Create detailed reports to improve processes and eliminate bottlenecks.