Process Management

Build and manage you business processes in one single source of truth.​

Process Management

Digital transformation can sometimes make it difficult to manage processes given all the different moving targets and teams involved in the process. With FireStart you can build advanced process maps and business process models all in a single easy to use repository.

FireStart helps you to plan and manage how teams, applications and departments connect along the process and provides governance, risk and compliance management on an enterprise grade level.

FireStart Process Management Process Maps

Feature Highlights


Central Process Repository​​

Empower your process owners and managers to connect the dots between all organizational units and create a single source of truth.



Visual Process Mapping​

Design and map your processes in a visual, user friendly and intuitive way, with real time layouting and validation support.

Responsive Process Portal ​

Manage your processes in personalized dashboards, share your processes and collect feedback form process participants.


Staging and Version Control

Stage major and minor versions, compare the version history in change sets and manage approval workflows. 


Multi Language Support

Translate and publish your process models and artifacts in over 50+ languages with auto translate functionality and translation tables.

BPMN Export and Import

Import and export process model in standardized .bpmn file formats between different software vendors and avoid vendor lock-in effects. 


Popular Use Cases

With an automated purchase to pay process, your payments are received more quickly, allowing accurate cash flow prediction and spend analytics. Store all of your data in a central hub: the FireStart Platform.
The phase out is a crucial product process often poorly treated by the product owner. With FireStart you can monitor your portfolio and control phase out of less attractive offerings to maximize your outcome.
With an automated procurement process from FireStart you can maximize efficiency and resources and also improve flexibility in your procurement management.

What's next?

After managing your processes, a new world or process automation awaits! 

Connect your backbone systems to your processes to make them more efficient.Let’s automate your processes!

Monitor and analyze your operational workflows to leverage further process improvements.

Personalized dashboards, reports and cost matrix view will help to gain valuable insights in your business execution.