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From a new App for Microsoft Teams, to Editable Tables and new Form Table Controls, we’re not just keeping FireStart cutting edge, but improving the experience of Business Process Management. Of course, in addition to some spiffy new features we also implemented our new corporate design in certain areas as part of a long-term makeover for the FireStart iBPM Suite.

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What to expect from 2020.2?


Teams App

To accompany our long popular Outlook AddIn we’ve developed a FireStart App for Microsoft Teams. End Users can now easily and comfortably complete FireStart workflow tasks without leaving their Microsoft Teams environment, whether they use the desktop app or browser version. Once installed, make sure you pin the app to get to it quickly!

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Editable Tables

With this new form functionality, End Users are empowered to edit form tables they receive as part of a workflow task. Whether they can only edit, or also add and delete table records and values depends on the configuration, but any form table changes are updated in the source business entity dataset automatically.

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Table Controls

We didn’t just add a new kind of table, we improved all tables. Localization has been added for date and time and number formatting to correspond to your preferred settings and attachment fields got a makeover. Attachments columns display attached files with an icon, the filesize, and a clickable file name so you can download the file directly from the form table.

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Workflow Completion Options

With 2020.2, workflow completion options got a design facelift and a small but powerful addition. You can now configure an execution delay to correspond with your completion action so that a finished workflow execution stays in the Finished tab for as many days as you’d like before being automatically moved to the recycle bin, or deleted. As you wish.

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Any questions?

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Our very own FireStart Trainer, Sean, has created a video to showcase the new updates and features of Version 2020.2. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team.

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