Release 2019.4

We’ve increased the authentication and search providers, added an external data search function to our forms, increased oversight with additional responsible persons, created a people picker to extension fields, and, finally, developed a selection filter for workflow forms.

Before you start


Features to expect from 2019.4


All new customers conducting a first-time installation will have the ability to choose from two additional authentication and corresponding search providers

  • Azure Ad with Graph
  • SAML with an External Search Service (or ActiveDirectory for ADFS)

Forms – External Data Search

Forms are now fancier! With External Data Search you can select multiple items from an outside data source with a REST API and create a CSV, which includes the values of all selected items.

Responsible Persons

Previously, there was only one type of responsible, the Model Owner. As it is often not the case that only one person is responsible for all of the steps in a process, we’ve added two new options: Model Responsible and Workflow Responsible.

ExtensionField – Person

Extension fields are now updated and welcome new field types ‘Single User’ and ‘Multiple User’ to streamline your searches. Search quickly and directly for users and groups and add them to a model without having to manually type in e-mail addresses or usernames each time.

Cascading Lookups

The new selection filter allows you to easily restrict available entries based on a condition. Of course, Business Entity Relations are always considered out of the box, which allows you to use Cascading Lookups within your forms, even without an additional condition.