Release 2020.3

The third release of the year is finally here and it is a big one folks! From new fast modelling features, to an improved Outlook Plugin, and even new UiPath integrations, we’re keeping you on your feet and always expanding our features to keep up with your needs.

Before you start


Features to expect from 2020.3

Teams Activities

To expand on our MS Teams concentration last release, 2020.3 adds a Teams activity set that includes several elements/activities that allows you to interact with Microsoft Teams from within your workflows. Currently, you can interact with messages, channels and teams through several actions such as create, delete, get, reply and more.

UiPath Integration

FireStart can be integrated with UiPath even easier than before. From UiPath, you can interact with FireStart workflow via the Start Workflow and Trigger Intermediate Event activities. With FireStart, you can start UiPath jobs via the new StartJob or Queue Item activities from a FireStart workflow.

Fast Modeling

Believe it or not, modelling with FireStart just got even FASTER! On top of adding elements using the Insert Panel or Context Menu, you can now simply drag the mouse from an output point of an element to a point on the canvas and insert an element from the new selection window onto that area.

FireStart PWA

FireStart on the go is better than ever! For 2020.3, there is now an additional view that is optimized for mobile which allows you to get an overview of Tasks, Processes and Workflows.

BPMN Export

It is now possible to generate an Export of a Process Template Model in .bpmn file format. This means you may now exchange Models with other tools. Please note that this does not replace the current Export, as only the basic layout is exported with the BPMN Export, configurations are currently not exported.

Workflow Log Export as PDF

This is a brand new feature to FireStart than allows you to automatically export completed workflows logs as PDF files to a predefined folder. This feature can easily be configured in your Server configuration wizard and your Model Settings in the client.

Outlook Task View

Get even more out of your Outlook PlugIn with the new Task View that renders right in your Outlook application! When you click the “FireStart Tasks” folder or the “Sync Tasks” button on the ribbon, the Outlook view gets synchronized with the FireStart server. Tasks get categories depending on if you are User in Charge (My Tasks), Supervisor, or if it is an Activity Failed task (Incident). When selecting a task, you can view it in a pop out window or in the preview pane.