Release 2021.1

The new LTSB update for FireStart iBPMS ensures the smoother and more flexible running of the suite. With over 60 bug fixes, and more focus on long-term stability, the new update provides you with the most requested features and updates to improve your process automation experience.

Before you start


Features to expect from 2021.1

Quality and Stability Improvements

Improvements to the platform stability and overall quality mean a smoother user experience all-round. Enjoy more ease and flexibility when building and executing your processes within the iBPMS platform.

Graph API Support

Use MS Graph API to send emails within the workflow. Now, you can send emails straight from the workflow, instead of being limited to only MS Teams messages. Have more tools at your disposal to cover all your process workflow needs.

Current Comment Version in Process Portal

Easily see which version is being worked on in the Process Portal comments. Now, comments will show the current process model version, making it easier to clarify feedback and eliminate errors.

Start Forms

Start Forms now have the same capabilities as forms within the workflow. Write multiple business entities, use selection controls with different business entities, and use editable table controls without the need to configure any event or event business entity item.

Element Levels

Send elements on the canvas to the back, or bring them forward. It’s now possible to manipulate all canvas elements with the z-index. Process modeling is now more flexible than ever before.

Dynamic Users

With the new update, you have the option to select multiple dynamic users and groups to send tasks to. Tasks are now more flexible, speeding up approval cycles.

Customize MS Word Language Output

Select any language desired when exporting MS Word documents. Empower everyone to read in their native language, without the need for a separate translator service.

Calculations in Tables

Perform calculations within tables to maintain an overview within the task. This new feature makes it easier to manage forms and tasks that require detailed information.

Bug Fixes

Common bugs are now fixed. This time we remedied 60 bugs to ensure that FireStart runs smoother than ever before.