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Speed and agility are things KTM AG values highly. This is why the group places high importance on digitizing all processes and mapping them in FireStart.

From KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles to GASGAS, KTM AG is not only the technology leader in premium motorcycles but also Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and producer of high-performance components and sports cars.

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90 + years
On Market
261 000 +
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Speed and agility are things KTM AG values highly, not only in their internationally renowned products but also internally. This is why the company places high importance on digitizing all processes across the board and mapping them in a management tool. These measures not only increase the quality of internal processes but also reduce lead times. No wonder that the company started digitally mapping its processes as early as 2012.



In 2019, using select key users, existing processes were modelled in FireStart’s BPM platform, legacy processes scrapped, and the entire setup revised. Since March 2020, FireStart has been accessible to all users—across all locations and company departments.



From finance and controlling to IT and quality management, each department of the successful company has been integrated into FireStart and now accesses the iBPMS platform. Via the process portal, the digital approval workflow, and FireStart’s connection to various third-party systems such as HCM, SharePoint, and Outlook, many processes now run through the platform from start to finish. For instance, component sampling, shipping, and claims, and returns are now all mapped in FireStart. Also, the company’s recruiting process has been mapped in our iBPMS platform.

Faster process runtime

Higher process quality

Paperless process approval

FireStart offers both our customers and our solutions consultants a flexible solution to model and automate end-to-end processes in a modern way. We also appreciate the constructive cooperation: With FireStart we have a partner at eye level.

Fabrizio Lamari - Trusted Advisor Leader at UMB

We aim to significantly increase our customers' operational excellence based on BearingPoint's proven organizational and technical approach and FireStart's modern platform.

Thorsten Vogel - Partner at BearingPoint

Thorsten Vogel

At KPMG, we are excited about the orchestration possibilities that will help our customers to refine and improve their processes. FireStart and KPMG will greatly help their customers to become faster and more efficient by implementing and sustaining their new automated processes.

Klaus Schatz - Partner of KPMG Advisory. 

Klaus Schatz KPMG

FireStart passt perfekt in unser Hyperautomation-Ökosystem, und mit 33 neuen Projektgewinnen im letzten Quartal sehen wir sicherlich eine Nachfrage nach Führungskräften, um mehr Prozesstransformation und Automatisierung voranzutreiben, um Qualität und Kosteneffizienz zu verbessern.

Rakesh Sangani - Founder and Chief Executive of Proservartner

The ability to combine iBPMN and automation in one platform, at a flexible pricing model, with excellent technical support, is a great asset to our customers. We are delighted to be an implementation partner with FireStart, and are proud to be part of such a smart solution.

Alexander Lerch - CEO Halvotec Digital Experts

FireStart fits perfectly into our Hyperautomation ecosystem, and with 33 new project wins in the last quarter, we certainly see a demand for business leaders to drive more process transformation and automation to improve quality and cost efficiency.

Rakesh Sangani - Founder and Chief Executive of Proservartner

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