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Future-Proof Product Portfolio with Automated Processes and High-Quality Decision Making

Lenze SE, founded by Hans Lenze in 1947, is a global innovative automation company, specializing in solutions for mechanical engineering. Lenze develops mechatronic and digital products across multiple industries worldwide, creating a demand for processes that are as agile as digital as possible.

The solution for Lenze was to streamline processes in order to future-proof the company and ensure data-driven success.

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The rapid expansion and growth of Lenze’s diverse portfolio in the manufacturing industry required the company to adapt to new industry norms quickly and in an agile way. As is the case with many industrial companies, new products are being developed constantly, which naturally leads to obsolete products being phased out. Lenze needed to quickly identify which products to keep, assess potential risks and cross-selling effects down the line, and decide which products to phase out in order to level their expenditure.

Lenze’s key focus was to improve their data quality curation, process execution, decision making, and product portfolio structure, to continue to stay ahead of the competition in the manufacturing industry.



Understanding Lenze’s operational structure revealed opportunities to streamline and interweave processes, creating a link between people, processes, and data. FireStart, together with Soley and on top of SAP, built a pragmatic decision and process execution framework, optimized product portfolio lifecycle management, and simplified overall processes across the organization. These data-driven solutions allowed for more pragmatic decision-making and execution, resilience in crisis situations, and a leaner supply chain.

The complete solution is now Lenze’s transformation strategy for the next 5 years. Now, Lenze is geared towards being a future-proof, future-thinking company, able to cater to the next generation of digital capabilities.



Now, Lenze is set up for success. With FireStart and Soley, Lenze has real-time data to show how processes are performing end-to-end on a strategic, tactical, and operational level. Better synergy between humans and technology means that strategic evaluation and phase-out of underperforming product lines can be implemented seamlessly.

Managers can now execute more precise decision-making, with a clear, simple overview of all operations. Lenze is set up for success in years to come with a future-proofed, expandable digital process ecosystem.

50% reduced product complexity 

10% more output due to optimized resources

75% more resilience in crisis situations

At KPMG, we are excited about the orchestration possibilities that will help our customers to refine and improve their processes. FireStart and KPMG will greatly help their customers to become faster and more efficient by implementing and sustaining their new automated processes.

Klaus Schatz - Partner of KPMG Advisory

Klaus Schatz

The ability to combine iBPMN and automation in one platform, at a flexible pricing model, with excellent technical support, is a great asset to our customers. We are delighted to be an implementation partner with FireStart, and are proud to be part of such a smart solution.

Alexander Lerch - CEO Halvotec Digital Experts

FireStart fits perfectly into our Hyperautomation ecosystem, and with 33 new project wins in the last quarter, we certainly see a demand for business leaders to drive more process transformation and automation to improve quality and cost efficiency.

Rakesh Sangani - Founder and Chief Executive of Proservartner

FireStart’s vision aligns with our objective to provide world-class low-code business automation solutions for our clients and hence the partnership. In our commitment to offer technology solutions that best suit our customers we discovered FireStart as a tool that offers improved process planning and automation. We are delighted to partner with the FireStart team.

Jorge Soares - CEO of ABP Consultancy

FireStart is the perfect partner for us to further automate and speed up the operationalization of our analysis results and therefore deliver even more value to our customers. We highly appreciate FireStart’s cooperative mindset.

Maximilian Kissel - CEO of Soley GmbH 

AKOA is 100% focused on process automation to bring processes to digital life with the greatest added value. This is where Firestart's iBPM solution helps us. Processes can be easily and transparently represented and directly integrated into the operational workflows. A great basis for any kind of automation.

Andreas Schmelzer - Managing Director of AKOA Austria

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