Improved Process Quality and Global Collaboration


Based in the Austrian town of Groß-Siegharts, TEST-FUCHS GmbH is an international family-run company with branches in Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, France, the United States, Singapore, and China.

TEST-FUCHS has been operating in the field of aeronautics for more than 70 years, producing everything required in the industry from mobile aircraft, and lubricating oil pumps, to maintenance and repair of all aircraft components.  

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TEST-FUCHS is required to meet mandatory strict statutory requirements, meaning that process quality must come first. The rigorous documentation done by TEST-FUCHS led to mountains of paperwork that caused them to consider upgrading to digital processes. Having a clear structure in place allows the organization to have more time for innovation, something the company does well.  


FireStart worked collaboratively with TEST-FUCHS to reconceive over 100 processes and modeled them within a centralized system. Required documents were integrated into the workflow, and approvals were moved to the process portal, allowing for greater compliance and flexibility company-wide. Simplified processes and a clear overview gave each employee greater role clarity. These solutions were ideal for a company looking to continue its global expansion. 


    • Digitized onboarding of new employees
    • Employee daily process clarity with improved workflows
    • 100 processes modelled and optimized
    • Improved global collaboration
    • Integrated documentation within the workflow
    • More transparency and greater compliance
Improved Onboarding of New Employees
Documents Integrated Into the Workflow
100 Processes Modelled and Optimized
Improved Collaboration

FireStart supports us in realizing the high quality standards of our products and services. The simple option of assessing process change in an overall context allows us to pinpoint company-wide potentials for optimization quickly. We are looking forward to our future digital journey with FireStart!

Tanja Kolm - Deputy Head of Department Organization


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