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The Synergy Of Process Modelling and Perfected Workflow.


A decade of Business Process Excellence, building corporate process governance and streamlining workflow automation to build an integrated management system.
Wien Energie is Austria’s largest energy service company, providing 2 million people with electricity, gas, heat and air-conditioning – with speciality in recycling, building maintenance, telecommunications, energy consulting, and energy services.

They are champions of sustainability, creating energy from 900,000 tons of waste and offering over 1.800 public and semi-public e-charging points in the greater Vienna area. The company currently has over 2.100 employees, is the largest photovoltaic operator in Austria and is forecasted to have 1,25 billion Euros worth of investment by 2026.

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In 2010, the gas division of Wien Energie faced issues in streamlining their process models. Relevant information was scattered across various documents within disjointed systems – complying with internal company guidelines and maintaining corporate identity was a stressful, time-consuming and manual effort. This was the time that the internal quality and organizational development department realized that there must be a better way to set up a corporate management system than word documents and Visio files.


After an evaluation project to get a better understanding of the requirements, Wien Energie chooses a combined approach between the FireStart BPM and SharePoint ECM platform to build and shape the new corporate management system. Working closely with Wien Energie process managers and IT managers, FireStart designed and implemented the new platform that enabled central management and governance of every single process of the organization – diminishing the need for physical paperwork and high process quality along with real-time, cross-department communication. For the first time ever, revisions, changes and evaluations could be governed simultaneously across the company according to workflows on more than 250 business processes. Employees have access to up-to-date responsibilities, visual process models, lifecycle status and applicable documents right at their fingertips.


In the last decade, FireStart has helped consult and support the entire Wien Energie group´s journey towards intelligent automation. We take pride in playing a key role in helping Wien Energie build its core corporate management system and attain its ISO 9001 certification along with it– an important milestone for a heavily regulated industry. On top of that, the organization development team started to automate and streamline critical business processes with the FireStart workflow engine, such as HR onboarding, GDPR automation and digital release management for all digital assets and contracts to improve cycle times, increase process stability, optimize the user experience and fulfil all corporate regulations in a transparent and compliant way.

Wien Energie currently operates on a reliable and easily navigable central management system, providing management with a transparent 360° overview and governance of all processes across more than 40+ different line-of-business applications. The automated workflows have raised productivity, speed and efficiency standards company-wide and are optimized in and continuous process development lifecycle. The system ensures Wien Energie consistently complies with regulations and legal deadlines with real-time tracking and management of their core business processes.

Improved Synergies Between Departments
Up to 40+ Different Background Systems Coordinated
Reduction in Manual Work
Reduction of Lead Times
Smarter & Faster Decision Making
Increased Operational Efficiency
As a long-standing partner, FireStart provides excellent support to Wien Energie in the setup of our process management. As part of our digitalization offensive, we have configured and implemented many valuable workflows together over the past two years.
With this contribution from FireSart, Wien Energie effortlessly assumes the role of innovative pioneer in process management, and for this we would like to express our sincere gratitude. Angelika Frauenberger - Head of Project Management Office & Process Management - Wien Energie GmbH

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