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As the voice of Austrian business, the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO) is committed to forward-looking policies that benefit the economy. The WKO is a modern service provider that offers fast expert advice on topics from labor laws to customs information.

The Elektronischer Mappenlauf project (ELMA, Electronic Filing Management), was a collaboration involving Atos and FireStart, leading to a reduction in process lead time, creating more transparency in the documentation. 

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Like many large enterprises and institutions, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber deals daily with approval processes. Previously, documents were printed out, filed in a binder, and given a circulation slip. This analog workflow meant in time-sensitive situations, employees were often scrambling to find binders to finish their tasks. The WKO aimed to digitize over 6,000 binders, automate approval processes and improve document traceability and overall documentation. 



To address these concerns, FireStart cooperated with Atos and HPC Dual to implement a digital signature solution for the Austrian Economic Chamber and its employees, which reduced lead time by at least 50 percent. The Elektronischer Mappenlauf (ELMA) was born from the WKO’s desire to centralize all approvals and digital signatures on various documents and contracts within the Austrian Economic Chamber. In this collaboration, FireStart contributed its iBPMS suite to overhaul and digitize existing workflow structures. 



The Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO) was able to implement standardized, automated processes with FireStart. Their successful implementation resulted in a 50% lead time reduction, plus a major reduction in manual paperwork. This has enabled them to increase operational efficiency organization-wide.

50% reduction of lead time

Reduction in manual paperwork

Increased operational efficiency

The successful project Elektronischer Mappenlauf (ELMA, Electronic Filing Management), a cooperation with Atos, has led to a massive reduction of process lead time and to more transparency in documentation.

Austrian Economic Chamber

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