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Our Head of Marketing, Alessa Prochaska, recaps what she learned at the UiPath Forward IV event in Las Vegas.
It’s the wild world of supply chain management out there. Logistics departments continue to be overwhelmed as the pandemic continues, but the hope lies in process automation.
Orchestrate your processes even if you have existing RPA solutions in place. Using UiPath and FireStart together will make your processes even more streamlined and transparent for all.
Understanding the difference between iBPMS, BPM and RPA can make a huge difference to your business. Discover how using both together can create a holistic process solution.
UiPath is now a FireStart technology partner. We’re happy to welcome UiPath so that together we can empower every RPA citizen developer to connect the dots in their process ecosystem.
The third release of the year is finally here and it is a big one folks! From new fast modelling features, to an improved Outlook Plugin, and even new UiPath integrations, we’re keeping you on your feet and always expanding our features to keep up with your needs.