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In a complex business world, there are very different legal entities and many different currencies. It is important to have a process ecosystem that lets you consolidate everything in one place. With our automated processes like budget planning or invoice management you can automate your cash and liquidity processes.
Automated processes tailored to your sales operations is a win for your customers, your sales team and your company. Orchestrate your business with automated customer onboarding, contract management and document automation. Let´s orchestrate your business so your sales team can perform as one.
They say the only constant is change. We say the ability to adapt and run business as usual – should also be constant. FireStart’s customizable Product & Innovation Management solutions help companies address the complex requirements that come with changes, without disrupting business momentum.
To those not well versed, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) may conjure a sense of unease. To be fair, from a glimpse it could appear as if the regulations will diminish valuable data, or cause a tsunami of new to-dos.
How well HR performs can truly change a company. We believe the time and expertise of HR is better assigned in strengthening relationships, over tedious and sometimes mundane aspect of the profession.
We don’t know what these uncertain times will bring, but we do know businesses must evolve to survive. Playing the same tunes in this new reality, hoping to ride it out – is a gamble.
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