GDPR Automation

The Advantage of Automated, Integrated Compliance.

Applying GDPR, in Your Favor.

To those not well versed, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) may conjure a sense of unease. To be fair, from a glimpse it could appear as if the regulations will diminish valuable data, or cause a tsunami of new to-dos. Let us assure you, not all is lost. All you need is an integrated, Intelligent Business Process Management. At FireStart, we have the experience and expertise to weave GDPR measures into your organization processes – automating the monitoring, safeguarding and auditing of data – enabling you to easily comply to regulations and have sufficient data you need to succeed. 

Use Cases

Data Simplification

The GDPR requires companies to delete personal data that they have no permission or valid purpose holding on to. It’s a fair rule but it’s also a messy, intimidating task. Fret not! Let us automate the sifting and simplification of copious amounts of data, so you don’t have to. 

Risk_Notification _Topic

Risk Notification 

Guard your company’s reputation and public trust by ensuring personal data is never breached. With FireStart’s Risk Management Processes, have eyes across your organization and its systems; and get notified the very moment a risk of breach or compliance violation is detected. 

Process Improvement

GDPR requires companies to have documented and version controlled processes in place. FireStart helps ensure that your processes are always up to date – even as your company grows and the GDRP regulations evolve. 

Process_Improvement _Topic

Anti-Money Laundering 

FireStart’s AML process is designed to provide the complete monitoring, detection and flagging functions expected from a holistic AML solution, while adhering to GDPR guidelines. As a result, when it comes to security, nothing is compromised. 

More Topics:

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