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Human Resource Automation

Automate tasks to empower the people behind your organization.

Automation in HR Management

Human Resource Management is a critical component of every business. Their role ensures the long-term success of a business through careful, considerate management in an area that centers around human interaction. For this reason, Human Resources can also be full of manual tasks that can easily be automated. HR process automation software ensures that the HR team can spend more time developing interpersonal relationships, rather than filing paperwork.


Boost collaboration

Free up employees to focus on people-centric activities rather than repetitive, manual tasks.

Reduce administration work

Automate tasks that would normally waste reams of paper and employee hours like setting up permissions and managing contracts.

Improve employee satisfaction

Make an excellent first impression and foster lasting employee satisfaction by automating the onboarding process.

Use Cases

Employee Onboarding Automation

Save resources from HR and IT departments by automating the onboarding process. Enable employees to start their role seamlessly right from day one and foster motivation company-wide by eliminating paperwork and setting up employee permissions automatically.


Employee Offboarding Automation

Ease times of transition throughout the organization with intelligent automation for HR. Check off access to organizational systems to ensure security, and tidy up any loose ends and assets left by the departing employee. Ensure that everything is taken care of in minutes, with no risk of human error.

Travel Expenses

Save employee resources by automating travel expenses. Utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software bots to generate expense forms and reports, extract receipt data, and identify incoming expense requests. Increase transparency, increase compliance with company travel policy, and reduce threats of expense fraud with every journey.

Health and Wellbeing

Automation tools can help increase transparency between management and employees, taking a preventative approach to overall health and wellbeing. Schedule wellbeing surveys automatically, gather data from team members to organize tailored wellbeing events and instantly send compensation time reminders by integrating HRIS software with FireStart.

Hire to Retire

Nurture and retain employee talent by automating the Hire to Retire process. Save recruiters time and effort by automating new hire screenings, sustain employee motivation with streamlined and automated end-to-end workflows, and instantly generate reports to review time and attendance.

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