Human Resource Automation

We empower people, to empower people.

How well HR performs can truly change a company. We believe the time and expertise of HR is better assigned in strengthening relationships, over tedious and sometimes mundane aspect of the profession. There’s where we come in. With our automation approach, your HR can focus on what truly matters – empowering and advancing talents. At the same time, reap the benefits of reduced human errors, sped up processes and improved efficiency.  

Use Cases

Employee remote onboarding

Who says you need to meet, to empower someone? Get a new team member onboarded, wherever they are in the world, knowing they won’t miss a beat and is fully geared to start strong. All it takes is a pre-structured process flow – defined by you. 


Employee remote offboarding

In these strange times, having to offboard employees without having real facetime can seem complicated. We’re assuring you it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can potentially be smoother, more thorough and more efficient upon having it online, streamlined and automated.

Leave of Absence

We understand there are many different reasons for leave of absence, and each reason requires different processes and paperwork – affecting different stakeholders in the business. Turn this into a streamlined effort for both employees and management.


Travel Expenses

Understandably, no one looks forward to processing Travel Expenses – it’s a tedious task for those filing them, and the those crosschecking them. Well, times have changed. With a couple taps and clicks, it’s now possible to get it sorted in minutes – errors excluded.

More Topics:

In a complex business world, there are very different legal entities and many different currencies. It is important to have a process ecosystem that lets you consolidate everything in one place. With our automated processes like budget planning or invoice management you can automate your cash and liquidity processes.
Automated processes tailored to your sales operations is a win for your customers, your sales team and your company. Orchestrate your business with automated customer onboarding, contract management and document automation. Let´s orchestrate your business so your sales team can perform as one.
They say the only constant is change. We say the ability to adapt and run business as usual – should also be constant. FireStart’s customizable Product & Innovation Management solutions help companies address the complex requirements that come with changes, without disrupting business momentum.

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