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Product Portfolio Management

Craft a lean portfolio based on trustworthy data.

Build a Lean Product Portfolio

Managing a product portfolio is an art of balance. A lean portfolio helps organizations to grow and scale without the hindrance of low-performing products. Innovation drives businesses, which involved the coordination between the Product, Operations, and Sales departments. Process automation can assist companies in streamlining their product portfolio in an organized manner, boosting ROI, and helping employees sift through relevant product data.


Align between departments

Soothe cross-department tension with a comprehensive product portfolio overview. Manage product inventory end-to-end taking into account market innovation and operational cost.

Reduce cost

Strike the perfect balance between innovation and cost, while also fulfilling customer needs. Successful product portfolio management reduces overall company costs while still satisfying customers.

Boost customer value

Streamline products to create the perfect lean portfolio that fulfills customer needs. Know where to reduce complexity while satisfying key stakeholders.

Use Cases

Product Innovation Management

Make product innovation processes run seamlessly. FireStart creates more room for innovation and creative thinking by removing barriers to success like convoluted processes and laborious tasks.

Product Phase In

Know when to introduce new products without introducing unneeded complexity. FireStart helps your organization to gather data and stay on budget to introduce products that meet customer needs. Remain agile in the face of change and know exactly when to innovate.

Product Phase Out

Phase out products smoothly and eliminate possible obstacles along the way. FireStart enables you to transition old or obsolete products swiftly, helping your business to retain overall process clarity. Align the organization on a single source of truth and avoid additional costs.

Resource Management

Distribute and manage resources for improved efficiency. FireStart helps you identify resource demand and required skillsets within your team by streamlining workflows and eliminating unnecessary tasks, utilizing the necessary resources for each project.

Portfolio Monitoring Automation

Monitor portfolio activity to identify issues before they occur. FireStart enables you to closely track project statuses to narrow in on potential slippage and other issues that can lead to financial loss. Easily identify incidents and violations with intuitive reporting, and track approvals and revisions to boost your portfolio health.

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