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Sales and Marketing Automation

Drive awareness and convert leads with sales and marketing automation.

Automate your sales and marketing processes

Few marketing and sales departments take advantage of automation to assist outreach efforts. Both the sales and marketing teams are responsible for lead generation and conversion in different capacities, which often leads to data being siloed, something that negatively affects productivity and growth. With digital sales automation and marketing automation, teams can work more in line by sharing data collaboratively, leading to more lead conversions and better overall performance.


Maximize campaign turnover

Automatically create marketing materials to generate higher campaign returns.

Nurture leads

Attract more leads and convert rapidly with CRM integration.

Go to market faster

Improve the Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy with a streamlined fully integrated process.

Use Cases

Contract Management

Formalize deals easily and quickly with process automation. Use automated workflows to distribute accurate client information, generate error-free document formatting, and sign documents electronically in seconds to ensure compliance and build client relationships.

Process Mapping

Eliminate silos and optimize internal business operations with process mapping automation. Keep to a single source of truth company-wide in a visual, easy-to-understand BPMN 2.0 format. Provide stakeholders and a clear overview to boost collaboration, productivity, and clarify big picture goals.

Customer Onboarding

Make a great first impression and ensure customer satisfaction with customer onboarding automation. Streamline the customer onboarding journey by automating emails, document generation, scheduling calls, while also integrating with applications like Microsoft 365. Ensure that customers have a smooth training experience while saving internal time and resources.

Document Automation

Speed up document creation and distribution with document automation. Generate documents in any format, including PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel, with Dox42 integrations in the FireStart workflow. Within a sales and marketing automation platform, eliminate human error in the document creation process and always ensure a single source of truth, even across multiple departments and stakeholders.

Purchase to Pay

Streamline the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system end-to-end. Assist employees in locating the goods they need, submit and approve order requests, and send purchase orders with tracking, all within one complete workflow. With workflow automation, no critical information will ever be lost again.

Offer Management

Collate all offers and messages for multiple channels within one place. Gain sharp insights into consumer behavior, adjust content based on interests and preferences and generate more reach by managing your offer portfolio within an automated workflow.

Campaign Management

Manage all sales and marketing campaigns effectively with automation. Plan, execute, track, and analyze campaigns while integrating with CRM systems to improve campaign success and generate higher ROI.

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