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Supply Chain Management

Manage supply chains for increased efficiency.

Curb Costs with Supply Chain Automation

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is comprised of processes that drive the manufacturing industry. An effective supply chain management system minimizes cost, time, and waste in the production cycle, enabling manufacturing companies to remain competitive in the market. In contrast, an ineffective supply chain management system can create what is called a “bullwhip effect” where the smallest deviation from the system, like running out of stock or delayed material deliveries, can have large effects up and downstream, particularly in relation to cost. Automation and RPA in SCM help create efficient and lean systems, curbing cost fluctuations to scale and grow businesses.


Increase efficiency

Eliminate errors and paper documents while freeing up employees to work on more high-level tasks.


More transparency

Ensure every stakeholder is informed to maintain the company’s trustworthy reputation.

Improve agility

Be more adaptable in the face of unpredictability by responding to market demands quickly and without waste.

Use Cases

Procurement Automation

Reduce the chaos of an often paper-heavy and manual process with supply chain management automation. Empower all stakeholders in the supply chain by digitizing documents like purchase orders, increase governance for all vendors by backing up everything in a central repository, and easily approve orders in just a few clicks. Ensuring that sourcing and procuring bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

Order Processing Management

Process orders quickly and efficiently to scale and grow. Utilize supply chain automation to instantly retrieve customer data and pay suppliers in seconds, all while integrating ERP systems like SAP to ensure that all process data is kept within one place. Build complete end-to-end automated systems that last and help scale.

Vendor Selection

Select vendors that are the right fit for the organization to meet market demands. Supply chain automation makes it possible to onboard new vendors, approve invoices digitally, and manage all vendor relations seamlessly.

Inventory Management

Source, store, and sell products effectively based on real-time data. Utilize process automation in supply chain management for successful supply and demand planning. Carry the right stock, in the right amounts, in the right place at the right time -- all while integrating with various ERP systems, including SAP.

Supplier Onboarding

Collate information and data required to effectively onboard new suppliers all in one place. Automating your process ecosystem ensures suppliers are supported on each step of their journey, without draining internal resources or overwhelming employees.

Supplier Offboarding

Tie up loose ends and ensure compliance with effective third-party vendor offboarding. Process automation can help streamline the offboarding process, ensuring that data is secure, and updating financial and other administrative records in one centralized location.

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