Contract Management

A contract management platform for streamlined success.

Manage contracts digitally

The importance of contract management spans across departments within organizations. From signing customers to invoicing clients, contract management is essential for the smooth running of the business, remaining compliant, and making more informed purchasing decisions. With automation, teams can work collaboratively across departments, meaning error-free contract creation and quick lead times.


More visibility

Empower visibility company-wide so critical information doesn’t get lost in long email chains or data silos.

Accelerate cycle times

Collaborate cross-department, improving the flow of information between people, technology, and data to avoid siloing and improve cycle times.

Streamline workflows end-to-end

Keep all documents and data in one place and maintain governance over the whole process ecosystem to reduce overall cost and time.

Manual contract reviewing creates inaccuracies

Creating, reviewing, negotiating, and signing contracts is a time-consuming and costly endeavor. In many organizations, contracts are still reviewed manually, which takes much-needed resources from the legal department. Even when contracts are managed externally, this can incur extra costs and prolong the cycle time. Managing contracts through so many different hands can also create inaccuracies, leading to more risk in the business process.

Generate contracts in seconds

Contract creation can be a lengthy process. From template design to filling in customer data, hours can be spent creating contracts for important deals. FireStart enables your teams to generate contracts automatically with our technology partner, Dox 42. Use workflow automation to easily design contract templates, automatically fill client data, and send the contract to client inboxes instantly. Save your team hours without human error and compliance risks.

Digitize legal approval workflows

Legal teams are often involved in lengthy contract workflows to ensure compliance. This manual process can take extra, unaccounted for time to ensure every detail is correct. With automation, legal approval is no longer an extra step. Empower teams to send contracts through to legal teams automatically, accelerating sign-off time. Teams can now maintain governance across the whole contract management process, including managing external legal proceedings. This process also makes simple contract renewals faster than ever before.

Automate the signing process

The contract signing process can turn into a hurdle, causing a delay between negotiations and signing. FireStart reduces cycle times by storing all documents and sensitive client information in one safe central repository. With our technology partner, Dox42, documents can be signed electronically, with everything stored within a streamlined workflow. Organizations can now swiftly move from negotiations to a signed deal without losing information or security risks.

Accelerate contract management with FireStart

Digitize contracts for paperless and transparent contract management with workflow automation. FireStart makes it easy for your teams to automatically generate, fill, store and send contracts with our contract management platform. Store contracts within workflows, send contracts automatically with RPA software robots and reduce time on sourcing cycles. Team members save resources and time, while the organization saves on overheads.

With our technology partner, Dox42, you never have to worry about losing paper contracts or wet signatures ever again. Handle end-to-end contract management all contained within one workflow, without losing vital data or compromising security. Empower teams to close deals faster with digitized contract management.

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More Use Cases

Speed up legal process cycles and reduce paperwork shuffling with RPA bots for increased compliance.
Automate the claims process cycle with RPA for greater customer satisfaction and faster approval windows.
Stay ahead in financial planning by automating tedious finance tasks with RPA software and expert process governance.

Customer Success Stories

Manufacturing industry leader, Lenze, optimized their product portfolio to lower cost and have better synergy between humans and software robots.
Aeronautics leader, Test-Fuchs, coordinated their global company by automating their processes, increasing visibility to speed up process cycles.
Independent software manufacturer, COPA-DATA, optimized their process ecosystem with automation to future-proof the organization and aid their worldwide operations.

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