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Contract Management

Business relations between two companies can take many forms but they all have one thing in common: They are defined by contracts.

Why is this important? Because contracts formalize and determine who delivers which services and when. Contracts can also define prices and establish terms and conditions. Additionally, if something goes wrong contracts provide legal stability in your business affairs.

Drawing up and negotiating contracts are important processes for any company—and the good news is that they can be automated. New contracts can thus be drafted and adapted with minimal legal involvement while at the same time complying with company guidelines.

The FireStart Solution

FireStart lets you create contracts directly as Word, PDF, or Excel files, which is an enormous advantage for you. Why? Because this way you won’t lose any documents and avoid any unnecessary version confusion.

Even after you’ve created the contract, the process continues digitally with FireStart. Using our BPM platform, you can forward the contracts directly to the respective stakeholders. This way you reduce approval delays and the chances of losing the document.

As FireStart gives you the opportunity to integrate digital signature providers directly in your process, you are able to receive outstanding approvals more quickly and, what’s most important, digitally.

One Solution, Many Benefits

Higher throughput times
Avoid unnecessary delays in the contracting process

Fewer errors
Transparent workflows reduce general error rate

Transparent processes
Avoid unnecessary stress in the sales team

Increased compliance
Company regulations are always adhered to in contract amendments

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