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Customer Onboarding

If a customer expresses interest in your company, that’s a good thing. If that person chooses your company, that’s even better because it’s the start of a new business relationship. This is what is called “customer onboarding.”

Everything must function like clockwork from that moment forward. After all, customers have many questions and high expectations for your company. Conversely, your company must make sure that background checks are routinely performed on customers so that your business relationship isn’t built on shaky ground.

If the onboarding process is off to a rocky start, your new customers might still decide to take their business elsewhere. Their experience of your company during the customer onboarding phase is crucial in determining whether the new business relationship will be a long-term one. In other words: the pressure is on!

The FireStart Solution

Customer onboarding looks the same in many companies—on paper and manually. Not only is this slow but also error-prone and anything but consistent.

It might happen that customers have to wait long at one or the other stage of the onboarding process, that some steps must be repeated or forgotten in the first place. It doesn’t have to be that way.

FireStart replaces slow-moving processes and error-prone manual steps as well as recurrent entry forms with a single connected solution. How does it work? You may create a workflow that fits your company, integrate the necessary systems in FireStart and embed all the important documents.

This way, customer onboarding takes place on one single platform, which makes things a lot easier. Additionally, the documents signed at the end are securely stored in FireStart. And this is crucial to make sure all legal requirements are followed.

One Solution, Many Benefits

Automated checks
New customers go through important background checks

Increased transparency
Transparent workflows reduce general error rate

Data security
Important documents and contracts are handled securely

Legal compliance
Defined workflows ensure that the onboarding process follows the respective legal requirements

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