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Document Automation

Save time and improve transparency with document automation.

Generate documents in a fraction of the time

Document automation is the process of automatically creating and sending documents to assist an organization in speeding up its processes. Employees often spend hours designing a document template, copying and pasting data from various sources, and then attaching the documents manually to send to stakeholders via email. This lengthy process slows process cycle times unnecessarily, while also increasing the risk of human error. Document automation software helps teams to easily create documents with smart auto-filled data, and send documents in seconds, speeding up process cycle times and eliminating the risk of mistakes.


Save time

Team members can now create, fill and send documents in seconds, to spend time on more important tasks.

Eliminate document errors

Autofill data automatically to ensure that document data is always correct.

Improve collaboration

Simplify document revisions, updates, and improvements with both internal and external stakeholders.

Manual document creation hinders productivity

Creating and transferring documents across teams and organizations can become a convoluted process. Between signing contracts and order fulfillments, it’s easy for errors to occur and multiple variations of the same documents to circulate, putting the business at risk. Whatsmore, creating an easy-to-read document template by itself can take too long, taking up valuable employee hours. When businesses are creating multiple reports, presentations, or several spreadsheets, it’s important that only one version is circulating through different stakeholders, and that all documents are stored in one centralized location.

Create any type of document

Instantly generate any type of document from PDFs to Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. FireStart makes it easy for teams with intelligent document generation software provided by our technology partner, Dox42. Store all documents in the central repository for easy stakeholder access. With document automation creation software, document revisions and collaboration are now more streamlined, so everyone is on the same page.

Craft your own templates

Anyone can create a sophisticated document template using the drag-and-drop designer. FireStart together with Dox42 simplifies the template creation process with an easy no-code designer. Create document customized branded documents in seconds with the intuitive document builder.

Send documents automatically

Use smart integrations like Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint to send documents to multiple stakeholders within the process. FireStart together with Dox42 allows you to share documents directly with stakeholders in seconds. Set up the process to automatically send documents when they are approved while backing up and storing them in the central repository.

Maintain one source of truth with FireStart

Ensure documents are created, approved, and sent in a reasonable time frame to speed up process cycles. FireStart together with Dox42 enables your teams to manage automatically generated documents without confusion and mistakes. Teams can now make multiple revisions collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders without creating duplicate files or misinterpreting key data.

Formatting documents, whether it be legal documentation, HR contracts, or supplier invoices can be done in seconds with consistent, branded formatting and error-free intelligent data auto-filling. Achieve key milestones faster like speeding up Go-to-Market strategies, negotiating employee contracts faster, or processing orders without delay. With document automation creation software, workflows are more streamlined and documentation is standardized, making it possible for businesses to scale and grow.

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More Use Cases

Streamline and coordinate the purchase-to-pay workflow to improve vendor management and cash flow.
Phase out underperforming products to effectively manage product life cycles according to the latest data.
Utilize procurement automation to create purchase orders in seconds, and reduce manual tasks to improve process efficiency.

Customer Success Stories

Manufacturing industry leader, Lenze, optimized their product portfolio to lower cost and have better synergy between humans and software robots.
Aeronautics leader, Test-Fuchs, coordinated their global company by automating their processes, increasing visibility to speed up process cycles.
Independent software manufacturer, COPA-DATA, optimized their process ecosystem with automation to future-proof the organization and aid their worldwide operations.

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