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Documentation Automation creates 100% accurate documents, quickly and effortlessly. By using existing documents, the system intelligently reconstructs information into company-approved templates.

The issue in trying to manually uniform documents is the time and effort it takes: from creating templates to the tedious process of re-typing, re-filling data, manually copy-pasting details, and eventually organizing everything in an orderly fashion. To make things worse, with so many stakeholders in a company, it’s challenging to make sure everyone adheres to similar document formats. Inconsistencies can sometimes lead to points being missed, or worse, conjure a sense of unprofessionalism when shared with external stakeholders, clients and partners.

Document process automation refers to intelligently extracting data from various data sources, and reformatting them in the desired document – all while ensuring the validity of the data is taken care of.

In collaboration with dox42, FireStart can help you orchestrate end-to-end documentation management that unifies the whole process. Our solutions make the creation of legal documents, contracts, and letters effortless, error-free and consistent – no matter where your team is situated. As a result, save time in accessing, reviewing, and approving documents. Our system also responds flexibly to market opportunities or legal changes, enabling you to amend details quickly and have them applied across all documents automatically.

More Use Cases:

With an automated purchase to pay process, your payments are received more quickly, allowing accurate cash flow prediction and spend analytics. Store all of your data in a central hub: the FireStart Platform.
The phase out is a crucial product process often poorly treated by the product owner. With FireStart you can monitor your portfolio and control phase out of less attractive offerings to maximize your outcome.
With an automated procurement process from FireStart you can maximize efficiency and resources and also improve flexibility in your procurement management.

Customer Success Stories:

The first step we took was to thoroughly understand LENZE SE’s operational structure, complexity, and improvement points – allowing us to orchestrate a strategically sound, interweaved and future-ready solution. FireStart’s core products and strategy help built the foundation for LENZE group’s digital process transformation strategy for the next 5 years.
Test-Fuchs has been operating in the field of aeronautics, maintaining an enormous development effort and call for compliance with a plethora of quality norms. There has been a need to rethink processes and rearrange them into a clear structure. How did they do that? With the FireStart BPM platform.
COPA-DATA is the only independent software manufacturer to combine in-depth experience in automation with the new possibilities of digital transformation – reliable, future-proof and operating worldwide COPADATAs vision is to enable everyone who works with industrial plants or deals with infrastructure to complete their tasks easily. FireStart was happy to help.

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