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Employee Offboarding Automation

Increase compliance and security with employee offboarding automation.

Farewell employees for a streamlined exit

Successfully offboarding employees is important for both the ex-employee and the organization. When employees decide to move onto new prospects, it can be difficult to tie up the loose ends, leading to multiple issues for the company. Offboarding is often left to the last minute, or not implemented, leading to knowledge transfer gaps, compromised security, or a negative last impression. Employee offboarding automation enables companies a seamless and streamlined exit for employees, helping to reduce security and compliance risks and end on a positive note.



Execute knowledge transfers

Distribute know-how across your organization by automating the offboarding process. Instantly generate invaluable knowledge documentation, stored in a centralized hub.

Ensure data security

Easily revoke sensitive access and ensure compliance with automation. Streamline the process to never miss important steps like disabling emails and mitigating risks like vandalism.

Reduce turnover costs

Automate offboarding to ensure every team member leaves on a good note, helping retain a positive brand image, manage rising turnover costs, and improving the future onboarding experience of new employees.

Mitigate offboarding risks

The employee offboarding process is often overlooked. An employee offboarding workflow can quickly become disjointed, especially when multiple departments need to perform actions within a certain time frame for legal and compliance reasons. Digital vandalism, knowledge theft, and negative brand image are all avoidable risks that come from a fractured offboarding process.

Generate termination contracts

Document automation reduces HR administrative time when a team member leaves. Instantly create the documents needed for termination, including electronic signatures and auto-filling employee data, with FireStart and our technology partner, Dox42. All generated documents can be easily stored in the FireStart central repository for transparency and accessibility.

Manage security access

De-provisioning departing employees is essential to maintaining compliance. Reduce the risk of employees leaving with access to sensitive systems with automation. Maintain clear governance and transparency by instantly revoking access to systems and data within the company network. Prevent data exposure and remove orphaned accounts to stop data breaches from occurring.

Automate exit interviews

Notifying stakeholders and planning exit interviews is integral to the employee offboarding workflow. FireStart's automation software lets you notify all stakeholders of the departing employee, and schedule exit interviews automatically. In seconds, HR teams can alert, organize and plan with departing employees without the headache of scheduling errors and manual email creation.

Improve your offboarding process with FireStart

Streamline the offboarding process to mitigate risks associated with departing employees. FireStart’s iBPMS software can help your organization to end employee relationships on a positive note, retain vital information necessary for future onboardings, and lower costs associated with turnover.

Automating the offboarding process allows multiple departments to collaborate and work together, seamlessly integrating multiple onboarding procedures company-wide without disharmony. Handle complex employee offboarding checklists with FireStart by automating exit interviews, IT permissions, and reviews of NDAs, ensuring all loose ends are tied by the employee’s last day.

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