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Employee Onboarding Automation

Digital employee onboarding for a smooth start.

Efficiently onboard new employees

Onboarding new hires are one of the most important processes for both the company and the candidate. Hiring is a costly venture, taking many hours of resources from the HR department in order to find the perfect candidate for a role. Enable employees to make a frictionless start to their role with an automated employee onboarding process flow


Support candidate onboarding

Automate and optimize onboarding processes so new recruits can start from day one. Make hires feel supported and have more time to spend on one-to-one relationships.

Centralize and simplify paperwork

Empower candidates to supply employee data digitally, streamlining the onboarding process for all. Supporting hiring managers in their role, enhancing the employee experience.

Increase talent retention

Onboard new recruits seamlessly to raise employee motivation and passion. Cut hiring costs and place more emphasis on employee training.

Fragmented onboarding processes lead to confusion

Coordination and alignment of employee onboarding processes can become messy and complicated. From setting up accounts and security accesses to the back-and-forth communication between IT and HR – important details can either get lost or misunderstood. As a result, avoidable rectifications and follow-ups are required.

Generate documents instantly

New employees require a range of documents when they start their new role. FireStart can help you automate documentation that would usually take hours -- from welcome letters to legal contracts and company handbooks. With our technology partner, Dox42, you can rely on automatically generated documents to always be error-free, in any desired format, and with the ability to share across multiple systems including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Automate equipment provisioning

Before new hires can begin working, they need all the equipment to perform their job. With FireStart's workflow automation software, you can coordinate all parts of provisioning, from ordering to signing and payment and approval, in seconds. In just a few clicks, managers can request or approve access or equipment from multiple departments, including IT. Team members now get everything they need without a lengthy approval process.

Organize everything end-to-end

Orchestrate all your HR processes front to back end with end-to-end automation. Onboarding programs cross departments by their nature, encompassing the HR department, IT department, and Finance departments to name a few. FireStart can help managers maintain a clear overview of the entire onboarding process, company-wide.

FireStart can revolutionize your onboarding process

Eliminate repetitive employee onboarding tasks with FireStart to focus more on human interaction and ensure each employee starts off on a good note. Map processes based on your ideal onboarding scenario, adjust processes with real-time process data, and automate tasks with RPA software robots to save time and resources.

Integrate with a wide variety of trusted applications like Microsoft Outlook and Teams, instantly send onboarding emails with crucial information, eliminate paperwork stacks, and automatically generate IT essentials like passwords and logins to ensure company-wide compliance and digital tracing. Empower employees to start their roles quicker than ever before, from wherever they are.

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More Use Cases

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Customer Success Stories

Manufacturing industry leader, Lenze, optimized their product portfolio to lower cost and have better synergy between humans and software robots.
Aeronautics leader, Test-Fuchs, coordinated their global company by automating their processes, increasing visibility to speed up process cycles.
Independent software manufacturer, COPA-DATA, optimized their process ecosystem with automation to future-proof the organization and aid their worldwide operations.

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