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Employee Onboarding

It’s not always easy to find the perfect employee for your company. Therefore, once you’ve found the right person for the job you must ensure that onboarding goes smoothly.

Why? Because it’s one of the new employee’s first points of contact with their new employer. This is not just about making a good impression on them but also about making sure that the new employee can start their position on a good note.

The FireStart Solution

In most businesses, onboarding still takes the traditional route. The manager informs HR that a new employee has been hired. The HR manager responsible for the newcomer must then obtain all the relevant data, enter it into the system, and inform IT.

Nothing is automated. Everything is done manually, often with the help of a so-called “circulation slip,” which is filled out by the HR manager and forwarded from one department to the next via internal mail.

Finally, the slip ends up back in HR but rarely on the same day. Only after this can the onboarding process continue, meaning that there might be a delay before the new employee is finally able to sign their employment contract.

With FireStart’s BPM platform this entire process is simple and workflows are digitalized from the very beginning. For example, entries can be made directly in SharePoint.

Alternatively, you may create entries using your company’s existing employee data recording system which can easily be integrated into FireStart. Not only has the routing slip finally become obsolete but no more time is being lost through redundant administrative tasks during onboarding.

One Solution, Many Benefits

Automated processes
No more slips circulating in your company

Always up-to-date
The entire HR department knows at all times how far the onboarding process has progressed

Digital onboarding saves time and costs

Centralized data
Information is centrally stored

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