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Invoice Management

Many companies still handle their invoices manually—and where humans are at work, mistakes can happen. Manual invoice processing may lead to erroneous or delayed payment.

Additionally, it may endanger the good relations between your company and your suppliers. Mistakes in invoice management may have not only external consequences but also internal ones: They may cause cashflow problems or create tensions among employees and in the accounts payable department.

The FireStart Solution

An automated workflow for invoicing is the solution—courtesy of FireStart’s BPM platform. And you define the workflow, which means it will be perfectly adapted to your company’s existing processes.

It could be set off when someone submits a request form, which then goes through an approval process, also defined by you. An approval process with a positive result may then send an automated shipping order for the item or the requested service to the respective provider.

Upon delivery, the provider issues an invoice that can be attached to a FireStart form that is automatically uploaded to the ECM system. You can define the workflow in such a way as to check the invoice in a three-way match process against the order and delivery details.

If all the invoice information is correct, final approval is made and an automated notification of invoice receipt is sent to the provider. This is what efficient invoice management looks like with FireStart!

One Solution, Many Benefits

Connected systems
FireStart allows you to link up your existing ERP systems via digital workflows

Accurate data
All data are accurately represented in your accounting system

Automated processes
Questions pertaining to the invoice are automatically sent to the person responsible for the budget

Powerful forms
High-capacity forms register and validate all data

Complete logs
All invoices are tracked in their entirety

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