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Purchase Request

Employees require more than just a desk in order to work productively and efficiently. A computer, mouse, keyboard, pens, and paper—these are just some of the things people such as project managers need in order to do their job.

Some positions require more materials than others. When an employee needs new equipment, they must file a purchase request which often means catching their superior at the right moment to make the request in person.

Sometimes it means filling out and submitting a printed form, which then crawls its way through the company until it is approved. This process is not only incredibly time-consuming but also cost consuming.

The FireStart Solution

There’s a faster way, one that saves resources. With FireStart, the employee files a purchase request using a digital form. The form is automatically forwarded to the person responsible, who is thus given notification.

If the request is approved, the applicant is automatically notified. Not only that: a purchase order for the new equipment is generated by the system and forwarded to the person responsible.

Furthermore, the order is automatically double-checked against the original request—which eliminates all sources of error. If the purchase request is denied, the applicant is also notified, and the process can start over.

In short: this workflow automatically generates application forms, sets off multistage approvals, and ensures compliance to all regulations from beginning to end.

One Solution, Many Benefits

Process governance
Provides an overview of the existing stock of materials and at the same time ensures governance

Reduced errors
Reduces errors through compliance with predefined workflows

Integration to existing systems
Integrates existing ERP systems to streamline inventory management, define current and incoming stock, and avoid supply shortages

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