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Best Practice: Digitalized Product Portfolio Management with Lenze

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FireStart with Soley digitally transformed Lenze’s product portfolio

Join the online event on June 24th to meet with experts from Lenze, Soley and FireStart, and discover how Lenze is driving portfolio resilience and increasing value.

Create dynamic workflows, automate tedious tasks, and track performance with automation. FireStart was able to fully digitize Lenze’s strategic product portfolio management with Soley. Lenze, a global manufacturing champion, proves that no process is too complex for automation.

Here's what you get when you attend

Process automation secrets

Learn how process automation can help you manage your process ecosystems, role models, risks, and IT systems.

Utilize portfolio insights

Discover how to track performance and create improvements within your process ecosystems.

Integrate your systems

Harness the benefits of connecting workflows with various applications within FireStart.

Webinar Speakers

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Success Story: Lenze
Manufacturing industry leader, Lenze, optimized their product portfolio to lower cost and have better synergy between humans and software robots.
Use Case: Product Phase Out
Phase out underperforming products to effectively manage product life cycles according to the latest data.
Use Case: Procurement Automation
Utilize procurement automation to create purchase orders in seconds, and reduce manual tasks to improve process efficiency.

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