Process Automation with KSR: Automated Generation and Distribution of Shipping Lists


Manufacturing innovator KSR used UiPath and FireStart to speed up their manufacturing process. Learn about how they did it in this webinar with live demos and real-world examples.

The manufacturing process is fraught with manual tasks. Previously, shipping lists and delivery bills were manually created and sent twice a day up to ten warehouses. This laborious process impairs efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ultimately, innovation. KSR needed an agile solution that enabled them to reduce the overall workload for their employees and speed up the process from order placement to order fulfillment. 

In this webinar, cubido will share how FireStart and a UiPath robot lightened KSR’s workload with fully automated process management. Discover how tools like UiPath and FireStart can work together to free up your employees to do more work that matters and deliver products to your customers at a quicker pace. In the live demo, you’ll be able to observe how the full process is executed based on real-world examples. Save several hours per day, each day! 

Meet the panelists: 



This online seminar will be exclusively in German.


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