Understanding How to Move Beyond RPA to Hyperautomation


Learn about how ABP Consultancy are helping clients digitally transform their processes with FireStart.

Making the best use of complimentary technologies to achieve your automation objectives

Our partner ABP Consultancy are committed to helping businesses achieve holistic digital transformations. FireStart and ABP Consultancy work together to ensure that every client has a high-quality “fit for purpose” automation solution — connecting people, applications, and software robots across the entire enterprise, end-to-end.

In this webinar, ABP Consultancy will showcase how to move from ad-hoc implementation to a more hyper-automation-led strategy, to amplify the returns on your technology investment.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– Best Practices to achieve a holistic business transformation.
– How to move beyond RPA to hyperautomation.
– How to make the best use of complementary technologies to achieve your automation objectives.
– All about the FireStart process automation platform with a live demo.

We look forward to meeting you online!

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