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Join us to make an impact with global businesses, and help teams and technology perform as one.
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Our Mission is to Empower People and Technology to Perform as One

At FireStart, we have our sights set on empowering people by automating business processes, so both people and technology can perform as one. We aim to inspire change in the automation industry by creating a platform that makes process automation accessible for everyone. 

For more than a decade, we’ve worked to establish an approach that puts humans first. In our fast-paced environment, you will learn invaluable skills to enable your professional growth. 

In our world, we have a deep desire to create, to contribute to the bigger picture, and to always strive towards excellence. If that sounds like you, then let’s perform as one together. 

We Empower You with Benefits


We put our wellbeing first by ensuring that every employee has access to wellness tools and maintains a healthy worklife balance. 

International Team

Diversity is important to us! We have over 18 different nationalities from around the globe that collaborate in a friendly and agile environment.  

Team Spirit

We grow and succeed together by lifting each other up. We strongly encourage cross-team collaboration for achieving extraordinary results. 

Feedback Culture

Constructive feedback helps everyone to do their best work. We believe in motivating each other to become our best selves professionally and personally. 

Our Values


We share the power to make decisions; everyone can freely express their opinion. We believe in working towards our shared goals with allies, rather than competing against each other. 

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We are straightforward and authentic in our communication because it encourages collaboration. Clarity means setting clear expectations for yourself and others to address the root cause of issues that arise.

Being open and addressing the cause of problems can be scary, but at FireStart we seek to create a safe space to share anything that may arise. Even when it comes to serious subjects, we want everyone to feel confident in speaking their mind. 


To us, joy means waking up each day feeling inspired to do your best work, leaving you fulfilled in the work that you do.

We want everyone to feel safe in their role and excited about what they’re creating. Joy means sharing the success of the milestones we achieve.

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We believe in the power of work-life balance because even the mind and body have their limitations. Emphasizing a healthy private and work life means we ensure continuous performance in the long run, with creativity still running high. 


Live your best professional life in a dynamic environment to learn the skills you need in order to grow. To become your best professional self, we empower all employees with coaching tools and emphasize fostering talent from day one.

In your role, you set the standard for yourself and others. At FireStart, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. 

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We are simple by nature. At FireStart, we stay down-to-earth so that we can accomplish milestones together. We are pragmatic and love sorting out the details, so everything we produce is easily understandable. Convoluted processes are our biggest enemy. 

More Reasons to Join

Monthly Health and Wellbeing Sessions

Enjoy remote monthly health and wellbeing sessions with a coach who teaches us techniques to stay fit and relaxed in the office and outside. There’s even access to online yoga classes.

Flexible Working

Work in a hybrid environment with flexible work from home days to get the best of both worlds. Work collaboratively with your teammates and have the space to focus on deep work.

Learning and Development

Expand your professional horizons or work on a project of your own. We allocate a budget for employee learning time and provide designated time for self-improvement.

OS Choice

Choose from Windows or Mac so you can work your way.

Dynamic Start-Up Environment

Step into a fun and fast paced world! Our dynamic start-up environment is for those that want to see the fruits of their labor and contribute to the bigger picture.

Flexi-Time Arrangements

Work within the hours that best suit you. Our flexi-time agreement gives employees more flexibility within the 9-5 model.

Free German Classes

Enroll in leading language classes if you want to challenge yourself and learn the language of the country.

Team Building Events

Get to know the FireStart team better with fun team building events including after work drinks.

Complimentary Snacks

We provide everything from complimentary drinks to weekly fresh fruits.

Open Jobs

Apply to help humans and technology perform as one.

Our Hiring Process

Hiring Process

Internship Applications

Work with mentors on projects that matter. 

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Revenue Dep. Image

Whether you’re interested in marketing, sales or advertising, we will nurture your talent as you work on projects that bring in leads and make an impact. 


Technology Dep.

Work with our expert technology team on software that disrupts the industry. Start coding within the first few days and help solve challenges that will put your coding skills to the test. 


Sebastian De Ro_Leadership LP

Contribute to projects that help FireStart run as efficiently as possible. Support the oversight and behind-the-scenes processes that make us a leading business process platform. 

Didn't Find The Job You're Looking For?

Send us an unsolicited application and we’ll get back to you. At FireStart, the possibilities are endless.

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