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Process Automation

Orchestrate and integrate software robots with people, systems and data to automate processes and eliminate tedious tasks.
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Automate Tasks for Faster Process Cycles

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Robotic Process Automation greatly assists companies in achieving a total digital transformation. Improve efficiency within the business, create more transparency and reduce process lifecycles. 

Reduce Costs

Drive savings and reduce expenditure with automation. Employees spend less time on manual, repetitive tasks and more time on creative, decision-making tasks.

Improve Agility

Respond to market opportunities faster with agile, automated processes. Increased agility means more room to scale, and better decision-making within the organization. 

Boost Productivity

Automation assists employees by taking the pressure off high workloads, leaving more room for tasks that matter. Employees have more motivation and are more productive, leading to more innovation. 

Increase Employee Happiness

Increase employee retention and overall happiness by automating tasks that drain motivation and resources. Employees are more engaged with their work, leading to higher job satisfaction. 

Eliminate Errors

Ensure that errors or misaligned information don’t interfere with organizational success. Automation reduces human error, ensuring consistency across all processes. 

Process Automation Capabilities

RPA Integration

Trigger RPA robots in workflows and deploy them throughout your process ecosystem to tackle a variety of tedious tasks. Manage all robots within the centralized process ecosystem to maintain clear governance. 

No Code and Low Code Automation

Empower every citizen developer with no code and low code robot building options. Customize robots for specific functions in the easy and visual builder. 

Pre-Built Activity Sets

Use pre-built activity sets to get started with automation quicker. The pre-built activity sets can be used for a variety of specific automation processes to cover the whole process ecosystem. 

End-to-End Automation

Automate every task within a process from start to finish. Each automated task works in harmony throughout the workflow to ensure process consistency. 

Drag and Drop Form Designer

Create automated workflows in seconds with the drag and drop form builder. Automatically take action on tasks within the process, simplifying digital transformation. 

Automate Complex Workflows

Manage and unite RPA robots within a complex workflow to regain control of your process ecosystem. Complex workflows can be easily automated without losing sight of project goals. 

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What's next?

Manage all your processes end-to-end with iBPMS to increase governance and drive success. Map and model complex process workflows in a visual format to maintain an overview of your process ecosystem, stored within the central repository. 

Monitor and analyze process workflows by leveraging data-backed insights. Create detailed reports to improve processes and eliminate bottlenecks.