Process Automation

Automate your processes and create extraordinary user experience and efficiency.

Process Automation

FireStart transforms your processes into executable workflows by connecting people, applications and robots with a low-code approach. Connect you data sources, build task-optimized user forms and configure complex business rules, all on top of your corporate process design and without any coding skills needed.

The powerful FireStart workflow engine will execute your end-to-end business process scenarios and massively improve user experience, process adoption, cycle times and reduce process costs.  


Feature Highlights

Data Modeling and Mapping Wizard

Connect your line-of-business applications and data sources in order to process your data during workflow execution.


Low Code Workflow Configuration

Amp up the power of your citizen developers to configure pre-built workflow activities with low code configuration wizards.


Smart Form Builder

Design your forms in a user and task-optimized way with a drag-and-drop forms designer.


Pre-Built Activity Sets

Extend your workflow engine any time with new activities to tackle specific automation requirements in your end-to-end workflows. 

RPA Integration

Trigger RPA robots via workflows and manage the task automation between people and robots without losing the overall process governance. 

Business Activity Monitoring

Export completed workflow logs from the workflow engine for archiving, compliance or analytical purpose. 

Popular Use Cases

With an automated purchase to pay process, your payments are received more quickly, allowing accurate cash flow prediction and spend analytics. Store all of your data in a central hub: the FireStart Platform.
The phase out is a crucial product process often poorly treated by the product owner. With FireStart you can monitor your portfolio and control phase out of less attractive offerings to maximize your outcome.
With an automated procurement process from FireStart you can maximize efficiency and resources and also improve flexibility in your procurement management.

What's next?

Manage your processes. First step of Process Management: Think about your processes. What is the goal? Who is involved? What is efficient?

You can map and model your processes with FireStart.

Monitor and analyze your operational workflows to leverage further process improvements.

Personalized dashboards, reports and cost matrix view will help to gain valuable insights in your business execution.