Use Cases
The Right BPM Solution for Every Scenario

Your Use Cases—Our Solution

Every industry has its own needs. And every company has its own demands of what a process management solution should do. FireStart is a universal BPM suite that adapts to the unique requirements of your company.

Contract Management

Avoid unnecessary delays in the contracting process and reduce the general error rate by introducing transparent workflows.

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Customer Onboarding

Improve your customer onboarding using one single connected solution that eliminates slow-moving and error-prone manual steps in your company.

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Employee Onboarding

Don’t let the circulation slip make its rounds in your company anymore. Rely instead on the digital onboarding of new employees.

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Purchase Request

Digitize your purchase requests with FireStart to streamline inventory management in your company, determine current and incoming inventory, and avoid shortages.

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Invoice Management

In invoice management, count on automated and efficient workflows that you define and adapt to your own requirements with our BPM platform.

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