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FireStart - die All-In-One Plattform für das Business Process Management

FireStart - the All-In-One Plattform for your Business Process Management

You take care of your job
we take care of the processes

Compliance, transparency and a better performance with FireStart


The Business Process Management Lifecycle within the FireStart Suite

Modell & Document

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Analyze & Optimize

Automate & Orchestrate


Process Management

Our BPM software allows you to create complex flowcharts while efficiently managing process documents, resources, risks and IT systems. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive functions, bottlenecks can be detected, potential for improvement identified and optimization measures taken to successfully move your company forward.

Process Automation

Increase the efficiency and performance of your business processes with our BPM software. Seamless integration of your IT systems makes your workflows directly executable. Discover the possibilities now and optimize your business processes today!

Process Intelligence.png

Source: Microsoft Power BI

Process Intelligence

Discover how efficient your processes really are with our BPM software and quickly identify potential for optimization. With our powerful tools, you always have an overview of your processes and can make targeted improvements to take your company to the next level.

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How do we make your life easier as a team?


Collaboration with tasks and forms


Comprehensive connectivity

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting

Bridging the gap between business and IT

Bring your processes to life with FireStart

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