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Why FireStart?

FireStart is a process automation software - a turbo for digital transformation. Save resources, reduce costs and enable your team to do more work that's fun.

Who is FireStart?

With FireStart, you can visualize your business processes, automate tasks and manage your entire day-to-day business. Bring structure to your daily routine, automate repetitive tasks and focus on the essentials. Our customers include some of the world's best-known companies and we are proud to support them in their individual transformation to reduce costs, shorten process cycles and ensure customer satisfaction.




International Partners





What makes FireStart special?

FireStart was developed to support you. We want to make process and workflow management as simple as possible. That's why we offer no-code or low-code solutions, ready-made templates and easy-to-understand use cases. So all users can benefit from business process management.
With FireStart you can promote networking and collaboration. With the help of internal and external tasks that can be assigned to teams, departments or entire organizations, it's now easier than ever to connect all parts of your process ecosystem. Reduce monotonous, manual work and focus on the tasks that bring joy to achieve business milestones and great results.

Automate your processes with FireStart

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