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Procurement Automation

Boost cost savings and reduce manual workload with procurement automation.
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Automate procurement systems

Procurement management is the process of acquiring all the goods your company needs. Large-scale purchasing decisions are critical for both businesses and vendors, especially since a business’ resource planning and bottom line depend on it. A streamlined and automated procurement management process helps businesses to better prepare and process demand, ensuring a data-driven decision-making approach that isn’t hindered by paper stacks and repetitive, time-intensive tasks.


Improve efficiency

Reduce purchase order completion cycles, taking the stress out of procurement.

Reduce overall cost

Help your department to continuously reduce cost, managing cash flow without confusion.

Minimize risk of errors

Reduce the risk of manual errors occurring, utilizing human talent to oversee processes.

Manual processes increase overall cost

One of the major concerns for businesses is that procurement teams spend most of their time on administrative tasks, leaving far less time to focus on purchasing goods and services that help the organization reach its goals. Ineffective processes mean teams spend the majority of their time manually filling out purchase orders (POs), creating requests for quotes (RFQs) and requests for proposals (RFPs), while also following up on receipts and invoices with various stakeholders. A lack of resources and time means procurement teams are unable to do the tasks that will boost the organization’s bottom line, like investing in goods and services at a competitive cost to quality ratio. Down the line, this hinders the overall functioning of the company.

Request resources in minutes

Procurement requisitions from within the company can easily become lost in email chains or paper printouts that float from desk to desk. FireStart remedies this problem with built-in request forms within the larger procurement workflow. Anyone can easily request resources needed, with a faster approval process, and up-to-date digital record keeping. Store all past requests automatically in the central repository, for full transparency to stay compliant and avoid fraud.

Generate purchase orders instantly

Create procurement documents like purchase orders (POs) in seconds. FireStart helps teams to establish best practice purchase orders with end-to-end procurement automation solutions. With our technology partner, Dox42, it’s easy to create a standardized purchase order template with the drag and drop function. Then, FireStart can autofill the document and send it to the relevant stakeholders all within seconds. Purchase orders can be triggered to generate automatically when a purchase request comes in, streamlining the entire workflow end-to-end.

Utilize smart integrations

Boost transparency throughout the entire procurement automation process with smart integrations. FireStart allows you to easily integrate ERP systems like SAP, helping procurement managers to accurately plan resources without needing to stitch together standalone components. Speed up procurement time and ensure consistency and visibility with procurement automation software.

Boost process efficiency and reduce cost with FireStart

Reduce repetitive task overload within procurement teams by automating administrative tasks. FireStart’s procurement automation solution helps organizations accomplish the unique philosophy of procurement management – to ultimately procure the right items and services at the right price from the right vendor, in order for the organization to thrive. By redirecting procurement resources away from manual tasks like filling in purchase orders or chasing approvals for requisitions, the procurement team has more time to strategically plan and enhance relationships with vendors.

Integrate FireStart with existing procurement systems including ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft applications such as Excel and Outlook, to manage all company resources with one single source of truth. Mitigate potential threats to the business that comes from an unpredictable economy, and enhance collaboration down the line leading to faster turnaround cycles, even in times of supply chain disruption.

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More Use Cases

Streamline and coordinate the purchase-to-pay workflow to improve vendor management and cash flow.
Phase out underperforming products to effectively manage product life cycles according to the latest data.
Utilize procurement automation to create purchase orders in seconds, and reduce manual tasks to improve process efficiency.

Customer Success Stories

Manufacturing industry leader, Lenze, optimized their product portfolio to lower cost and have better synergy between humans and software robots.
Aeronautics leader, Test-Fuchs, coordinated their global company by automating their processes, increasing visibility to speed up process cycles.
Independent software manufacturer, COPA-DATA, optimized their process ecosystem with automation to future-proof the organization and aid their worldwide operations.

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