Digital Business Process Transformation


Process Modelling

Enhanced process modelling allows you to build complex flowcharts and manage process documents, resources, risks and IT systems with performance metadata.


Workflow Automation

Transform your processes into executable workflows by connecting them to your IT systems with just a few clicks and a graphical connection wizard.


Process Intelligence

Keep your finger on the pulse and see how well your process is performing – and where you need to focus on process improvements for the next iteration.


We love our customers

The FireStart BPM Suite provides out-of-the-box all necessary functions for our strategic and operational processes in order to model, control and to run them IT-supported throughout the whole cycle.

Swarovski AG,

The workflow functions of FireStart support us by making our processes leaner and more efficient. Former, we had to communicate by e-mail, going forward everything will run automatized and with quality assurance. This makes the everyday work easier for our employees on the one hand and disburdens our management on the other hand.

Martin Schmit, Josef Manner & Comp AG

We see no conflict between providing user friendliness for employees, fulfilling legal standards and guidelines, and increasing efficiency. Ideally, we kill two birds with one stone and with the FireStart BPM Suite, we are on precisely the right path toward a paperless digital future.

Jürgen Mattes, Head of Technical Training & Business Division Services Austrian Airlines Vienna, Austria

We thoroughly looked at the market for the selection of a BPM system and could not find a comparable product concerning user guidance. FireStart supported us optimally at the successful ICO 9001 re-certification and is, with SharePoint, an ideal management system.

DI (FH) Erwin Moitzi, Head of the executive department of management system and organization at Wien Energie

In collaboration with FireStart we created a user-friendly ICS that perfectly fits to our requirements in a modern IT environment. The continuous reports help us to identify problems earlier and to react faster. This is major benefit not just for a single hospital but for the whole Vienna KAV.

Michael B. Schwob, Project manager and head of finance and controlling of the Donauspital Wien

What can FireStart do for you?

Modelling With Firestart

Organize your business processes

Proper modelling, publishing, and change management of your processes is key to having a robust process landscape with a strong governance structure. With FireStart’s process modeler, you can build flowcharts, enter incredible amounts of process information and data, view version changes at a granular level, and quickly generate process documents.

Process audit? No worries.


Automate your manual tasks

Process Automation is all about creating workflows that are integrated with your business processes and fully connected to your enterprise applications. Why require a user to manually perform functions in multiple systems, when FireStart can do it automatically by process? Users can focus on working in applications like their email and intranet portal, and  FireStart workflows handle the transactions in ERP, CRM, and other back-end systems.

Everybody wins.


Workflow Execution With Firestart
Process Intelligence With Firestart

Become aware of your processing times

Everyone, from Project Managers to CEOs, have metrics they use on charts to show how a project is advancing. But what if you could tap into real, live data or accurately chart six months of process improvement results? With FireStart’s Process Intelligence, every workflow can be monitored live and all the execution data can be plotted, charted, extrapolated and interpreted in any way you like.

You need Process Intelligence before Process Improvement.


Highlights & Features


Intuitive designer

FireStart’s process designer is an elegant canvas where you can  easily draw and add details to even the most complex process models with ease.


No-code automation

Rapid deployment is all about having a true no-code solution that empowers business users to quickly build processes and powerful workflows.


Robust process governance

You build a process once, but manage it for its entire life, which is why FireStart provides comprehensive process governance and change management.


Personalized dashboards

Process users have a personalized browser-based dashboard where they can view their process models, tasks, workflows, and complete forms.


Full enterprise integration

The power of FireStart’s workflow engine lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with all enterprise applications, using a no-code mapping wizard.


Microsoft Outlook plug-in.

FireStart’s Outlook plug-in brings you a form with any relevant data that you need to complete your task, directly in your  email inbox.

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Austrian Airlines uses the FireStart BPM Suite to digitalize internal organizational processes and increase processing efficiency through intelligent workflows.


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CCS Group offers innovative solutions and exceptional service

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We love our partners

With the FireStart BPM Suite our customers are able to address process management as well as workflow management. The perfect connection of process modelling, automating, monitoring and reporting is a huge advantage for our customers. All this parts are important in a balanced BPM strategy and the integrative part taken by FireStart in a heterogeneous system landscape could be crucial.

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Martin Mostögl, Head of Microsoft SharePoint

The partnership with FireStart helps us to provide perfect support in workflow and process management to our customers. The extraordinary good Outlook integration allows users to work on processes and forms directly within their email program which avoids a switch of tools to a web interface. This relieves the workflow and fits to our demand to measure our success on the customers’ benefit and the best optimization of business processes. This is why FireStart completes our existing service portfolio perfectly.

Wolfgang Ennikl, CEO cubido

FireStart today ranks as the top BPM Suite worldwide. This confirms the current market study ‘BPM suites 2014’ of the Fraunhofer Institut. The BPM Suite FireStart even has made it to one of the leaders worldwide in the category ‘process modeling’. The renowned reference customers, the convincing product offers and last but not least the close regional proximity were the decisive criteria for our partnership with FireStart.

Andreas Emhart, CEO Alegri International Group

Business process expertise is generally the domain of management consultancies. Thanks to the partnership with FireStart, our IT specialists can build up in-depth knowledge in process management using the BPM suite. As a result, our experts are now versatile, and we at Advellence can holistically serve the customer.

Otakar Tomes, CEO Advellence Solutions AG

innobit AG supports its customers by reducing their IT costs, improving efficiency and providing them with modern and future-oriented IT solutions. The BPM Suite FireStart is the perfect strategic and technical add-on for customers who wish to work towards these three goals. We look forward to working with them.

Michael Weiss, CEO innobit AG

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